T H E. R O V E R

I’ve been traveling INDIA since past couple of years .Growing up in Lucknow, the city of nawabs  I was never a big traveler and nor I am today. I didn’t take my first trip  until I was 18 . Outside a couple of family trips , I had no travel experience. After My schooling , I got into Bachelors of Technology and that was the  moment  where i found a new part of me THE ROVER.
I would like to dedicate this to the Service Selection Board which made me so much prepared to travel . So for my first trip , I went to THE CITY OF GANGES (VARANASI) for my first SSB. That trip changed my life though i wasn’t selected as an armed force cadet but it opened me up to the possibilities of the world.
I was just another sheltered middle class suburban kid before that trip. –
From that moment on, I was hooked in travel. All I wanted to do was travel , see more of the India , and learn more about the people in it.

But like every engineering graduate i was supposed to write my internal exams and maintain a decent attendance because without them scoring a good percentage  seemed next to impossible and I didn’t know any of the genius ways to save time , money and travel longer.

Maybe I am still ,in web of charm of the mountains but I’ll cherish these days throughout my life. It was all a random plan and there were no preparations of heading towards the mountains but I’m glad that I actually did.

“With all in my head and little in the heart” I headed onto this bon voyage. Trust me money, shelter doesn’t matter but the will does because there often come moments when you want to quit upon the roads . Buddy never give upon this because these are the roads which will take you to a “new part of YOU”.

You won’t come back a changed person but you will feel a lot better there about yourself at the end of it all. Forsomewhere down the road you will drop all the emotional baggage that you put up when you up started this journey .



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