A hot cup of Choco Mocha

Stayed as neighbours but we’re clueless ( lone travellers were they ..after all).

But who knew that things will go converging from a random conversation over a cup of Choco mocha to the Isralei pant she was wearing to the places they were from to the bike buddies to room mates to friends (HaHaHa…friends ???).

Things kept going and going and going….. Trust me I AM A LIAR he said with a tongue popping out emoticonic expression and she kept on pinching him for every fimly line he made (yesss you got me right the  FILMY lines)

Yes…. Both were liking the little thing which was growing..they might were the indications of something memorable which was need of the hour… Something which is not intentionally done was arousing..
The eudemonic pleasure which merely a gaze  gave was something natural and the only option they were left with was to go with the flow .

Her lips were quite but those eyes weren’t and so he leaned a bit .

More closer he came her lids got down and they surrendered… surrendered themselves to each other .


Back to the school days 


all those rickshaw wale bhaiyas who made us not to push rickshaw from behind .

For , the ones who drove us to our schools on time so that we cud dodge the late comer punishments.

For , all the ones who made us sit inside everytime be it summers , winters and even rains.

For , the ones who pulled us to make their children’s study .

 PS- nahi mujhe peeche hi baithna hai bhaiya mai dhakka nahi dunga wala expression.

I miss my school days .

तुम्हारा तिरंगा ।

लो बीत गया 15 अगस्त …आज 16 है 

आज फिर मिलूंगा तुम्हे 

हाँ तुम्हे ही…!! 

इस उम्मीद में की तुम मुझे सिर्फ खरीदोगे नहीं अपनालोगे करोगे ना ??

सिर्फ अपना लेना मुझे कल की तरह

अपना लेना ठीक उस ही तरह जैसे मैंने तुम्हे अपनाया था। #तम्हारातिरंगा

The untravelled roads.

Sometimes I need place where I can find myself ; introspection is the thing required.

With the growing pace of this over populated world I want to get more closer to attain peace and  find a new part of me.

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