The JOY of sharing.

Growing up in a family with siblings was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Those Maggie fights , fights for pens , fights over new sport shoes ( being the younger one I was made to wear the used one always ) but the love for being the youngest on the other hand adds up to nostalgia which often makes my eyes watery. These all add up together as an everlasting memory which I’ll be cherishing throught and will be accompanied by to my grave.

This picture accomplished in delineating those memories back again. While buying paints for the renovation of my house I saw them. Despite having a single mango the girl joyfully shared it with her hero brother and he smiled back at her waving the thank you sister flag.

This moment even brought a smile on my face but while writing it made me realise that we have forgotten the real meaning of happiness while living up our own lies which is lies in sharing  and not in being a self centric sapien.

#Postaday #Childhood #everlasting #memories.



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