“He works for his dream”

Strolling through the lane on a rainy day i decided to stop at a tea stall to take a sip of the famous ADRAK wali chai(all indians can relate to it very well).

The moment i was about to enjoy the hot served tea i found a young lad handing it to me with a beaming smile.

Even i smiled back and ask his name and hear a sweet generous voice “Bhaiya mera naam Raj hai”.

Soon after this he went back to serve the ordered stuff from the foodlist , painted on the about to fall walls of the dhaba.

Don’t know what kept me looking at him but it gave an eudemonic pleasure to me.

Was it a moment  which was supposed to be captured ??


A penning down one to fill my plane A4 sheets ??

No , i was just lost in the sweet wishpers , of his calm quite voice.

i kept on starring at him , his no less  messed up dirty shorts and a torn Tshirt kept shouting but i still managed to ask … Don’t you study ??

As per my expectations an angelic smile again flashed my eyes wishkers, he said he goes to a night school.

Night school?? YES i too had the  same expressions.

His reply to my question was strong enough to leave me awestruck , as I was one among millions crying, sitting in air conditioned cabins and  not missing a chance to blame my fate for it and on the very other hand he stood , calm composed with a beautiful smile on this pale face. The challenges and hardships of life couldn’t manage to take away that pretty smile and she stood strong and inveitable. He told me he want to become a BADA AADMI ( yes you can term it like an administrative officer , broker or a money man maybe ) but the glimpse of truth in his eyes took it away. He already was a real life administrator taming life his own innocent way.

N U M B ? No ? 

I was …

REALISATION  came to me “W O R L D is not a bad place” it’s just a weird game of our vague thoughts and choices. We often end up blaming this world and  its people and moreover ourselves for the life we are living.

That child seemed to be an epitome to me ..yes an  A SMILING EPITOME OF HARDWORK.
While leaving ,

i again called him  handed over the money for the chai i had and offered him a ride on my bike and again standing up to my expectations there was a smile preceeding  the word his lips uttered.

YES , he made my day.

F R E E D O M is what makes  us human

in terms of choices just utilise it for the betterment of the human race .


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