A day in Hastinapur


a place known for its culture and temples  has a history related to the elephants and  has been named so after  them . Located on the bank of river ganges it’s a home to many hindu and jain temples.

A small place located at a few hundreds of kilometers from  MEERUT city in UTTAR PRADESH holds a much of historical signifance and is closely related to the bag  of stories “MAHABHARATA”. It is a town and a nagar panchayat in the city of meerut.

Known in literature and tradition as the capital of the Kauravas of the Mahabharata fame. Hastinapur was the capital of the Kuru kingdom All incidents in the epic  Mahabharata  have taken place in the city of Hastinapur. The birth of the Mahabharata villains, the 100 Kauravas, happened here, by their mother, Queen Gandhari, wife of King Dhritarashtra. On the bank of the Budhi Ganga, two places known as Draupadi Ghat and Karna Ghat also exist  which are now temples. On the furtherhand it is a home to many temples such as Digambar , Ashtapad  , Trilok (resembling the life forms in all the three loks ) , Kailash , Shvetambar , Jain Temple and many more.

You can easily head to this place by boarding a bus or a local auto for cheaper modes of transport . The beautiful aura of this place has some magic within . To make it more interesting try riding a bike, if you have one and make the journey an everlasting memory. 



“Stay tuned for more such pictures from the heart of Hastinapur” #INDIA



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